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The majority of homes on America have at least one fridge. These special appliances help keep our food supplies fresh for a longer period of time than they’d have stayed without refrigeration. Such food supplies include fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy products. For people who love to take advantage of great discounts and to reduce their trips to the grocery store, refrigerators are a godsend. But fridges aren’t useful at home only. Grocery store and food business owners need commercial refrigeration to keep a lot of their food products safe until customers can purchase them.


There’s a reason washing machines are some of the commonest appliances in American homes. Most of us do laundry at least once each week. Washing machines help take much of the stress out of doing this chore, accomplishing the task in a fraction of the time and effort handwashing our clothes would require.  For those who own a laundromats, washers are at the center of the business. If you’ve invested in a top quality washer and observe routine maintenance, your appliance should serve you well for a long period of time. But given that the washer is always working to keep you and your family well supplied with clean clothes, the appliance will continually experience wear.


For most people, an efficient oven is the best investment for their kitchen. That’s because ovens are involved in the preparation of a lot of the meals you eat at home. In a food business, the oven helps prepare hundreds of meals on a daily basis. All that work is bound to wear your oven out over time. With proper maintenance, however, you can extend the life of your oven. You’ll still need to stay on the lookout for occasional defects though. Whenever you notice an issue with your oven, it is crucial that you address it as quickly as possible. So what malfunctions should you anticipate?


Ice makers may only have been around since the last century, but these appliances have grown massively in popularity to the point that they are present almost in every home today. The appliances are designed to make ice cubes or ice nuggets that are put in beverages to make them refreshingly cold. This makes ice makers perfect for summer parties where a lot of ice is needed for all your guests. Ice makers are also great companions when you and your family or friends are going on a boating or camping trip. If you have a home bar, then the appliance is a perfect accessory. These machines are also common in office breakrooms and in businesses that sell plenty of beverages or want to display salads. But what happens when your ice maker breaks down? Well, you are forced to either go without ice or purchase it from the store.


If you’ve invested in a top quality range and do your best to observe routine maintenance, then it’s very likely that thus far, the appliance has served you without any trouble. Ranges are the workhorses of the kitchen. In many homes, these appliances are used almost every day. Ranges also play a crucial role in food businesses, helping in the preparation of almost all the foods in the menu. That much use is bound to cause wear over time. It’s, therefore, only reasonable to expect occasional defects on the appliance. The smart thing to do is to stay vigilant and respond to any signs of trouble quickly and appropriately.


Given the amount of work that a dryer does at home every week, it’s surprising that we tend to take this machine for granted. Perhaps that’s because the majority of dryers keep providing efficient service for years without asking a lot in return. With routine maintenance, your dryer will hardly ever give you problems. Dryers are designed to dry your clothes within a fraction of the time it would take to dry them by hanging them on the clothesline. And since dryers can operate regardless of the season, they keep you supplied with warm, dry clothes throughout the year.


Some appliances are so essential that they’re found in almost all homes. One of those is the freezer. This appliance’s main purpose is to keep your food supplies fresh for longer than they would have normally lasted. Such food products include meat, fruits, vegetables and most dairy products. A freezer thus makes it possible for smart shoppers to stock up on groceries so they don’t have to make several trips to the grocery store every week. If you love gardening and almost always have fresh harvest, then a freezer comes in handy. Food business owners use freezers to preserve most of their products before customers buy them. When a freezer breaks down, therefore, a lot of damage can happen.


Commercial appliances are among the biggest investments people make when setting up food businesses, laundromats and grocery stores. These equipment are at the heart of operations in these businesses. Commercial ranges, microwaves and dishwashers, for instance, are the backbone of catering businesses. Washers and dryers, on the other hand, are indispensable to laundromat owners, while commercial refrigeration systems allow grocery store owners to stock dairy products, meat, fruits and veggies. Given how essential commercial appliances are, therefore, any malfunctioning in them can lead to disaster. All of a sudden, your business stalls and you lose revenue. Even worse, some of your loyal customers may depart if they can’t get the product or service they are used to getting from you.

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